Howdy, and welcome! I'm Kristen Pavle and you've found the place where I share my thinking about humans as social creatures. I write about my experiences designing and building web3 tools, social tech research findings, and pretty much anything in the universe of human connection.

In a nutshell, I'm a social worker and an ethnographic researcher. I enjoy qualitative research and analysis, designing social systems and tooling, and writing to share my findings and process.  

I'm currently immersed in digital tech, exploring methods to create better tooling for people to connect, collaborate, coordinate, cohere. In early 2021, I stumbled into the rabbit hole of web3 and now spend most of my time researching and building tooling in the areas of blockchain, media, and human connection.

Previously, I spent over a decade working around the United States health system in a variety of social tech roles: as an advocate and organizer with a health justice non-profit; as a consultant, researcher, and program designer with state and federal government entities, including three years with IBM Watson Health; as a founder of and operations lead for an Illinois-based health insurance company.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to reach out, I like making new acquaintances and meeting potential co-conspirators.

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