An Exquisite Land Emerges

Buzzard squad decided on August 30, 2021 to build a collaborative doodle game that would be built on the blockchain. The decision to create this was emergent, and captured during one of our recorded sessions. Here's a few of the themes that came out of this session:

  • A desire to play with the materiality of blockchain media, primarily media that's composable, networked/connected
  • Onboarding for users/collaborators to the broader protocol we're working on (Relational)
  • A simple way for builders to play with the Relational protocol we're working towards; a less abstracted approach, more visual, easier to build
  • Starting with something more toy like offers us a way to iterate toward our more complex ambitions
  • The collaborative game offers a potential way to bring money into the ecosystem - for creators, and for Buzzard to start playing with web3 economic dyamics



  • This game offered us a way back towards playing games, we'd been a bit heads down in the bigger protocol build
  • Building a game was a nice starting point to continue building in public, and opening up a broader community to join in some capacity, or just watch the process unfold

Game Play (in process 🏎💨)

Progress to-date:

  • Built an end-to-end working prototype over the weekend of September 11-12, 2021. And continued to build during our first ever Buzzard squad meet-up IRL in Portland from September 14-17, 2021.
  • Launched a new Discord server for folks interested in helping with the build or being participant-observers.

Up to 15 members - we're into the start-slow-go-fast-later ethos🙃

Live Look-In 👀

Gangs all here - Buzzard squad assembled in Portland September 2021.
Yes, we replaced all references to pixels with pickles in our code base. This may have been our first IRL CodeTV experience, we had fun. 
Just an abomination of pixel art, nothing to see here.

For more photos, check-out our shared album on

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