Musings on collective vs consumerist approach to living

I'm starting to get more and more of a felt sense of WHY working, building, living in a more cooperative, collective way is a better way to live. Let's call the non-collective ways of living consumerist - there's a general sense of purchasing solutions to your problems through money. Versus in the collective, working through problems with others to arrive at a solution (that is then purchased through money?).

Of course, a collective can't produce everything in-house, and there will necessarily be some consumerist behaviors. But part of the group decision making is based on principles and values, and the group can help make these consumerist decisions based on these values. I suppose individuals could do this too, but it seems harder, because the consumerist lifestyle is that much easier, that much more convenient. (Whole Foods will delivery shitty produce to your house, but you have to go to a Farmer's Market to get the good stuff).

I think what I'm trying to articulate, possibly not well, is that the collective way is... intrinsic. It's part of us. There's less separation from us as individuals and small groups and the work we're doing, or the world we're living in, because we've brought that work or living closer. It's more OF us.

In a consumerist approach, these things are operating external to us. A boss telling us what to do based on what's best for the company, not necessarily us as workers. A landlord hiking the rent costs because they can make more money on their real estate investment, regardless of who is living in the place.

It's the difference of being part of a decision making process and decisions happening TO us.

It's getting to decide how you want to live your life, versus others deciding for you and you're just along for the ride.

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